Saturday, May 17, 2014

X'mas 1914

Ron loves dead people's things! While cleaning up our place I came across this antique pocket watch case that I had bought him for his birthday last year, and I can smugly say that he actually treasures it. You know how it is about buying presents – you never know if they will be appreciated or not. But I know he likes collecting things with a bit of history attached to them. He's really a bit of a geek that way. So I went to an ancient shop stuffed with estate items, ie., dead people's things! And when I laid eyes on it I knew that was it. It's an empty pocket watch case which doesn't have the mechanism inside. Supposedly it is gold-filled, which I was told is similar to being gold plated. Well it cost me a pretty penny (far more expensive than the pair of black pearl earrings he gave me during our anniversary), so it had better well be!

The most striking feature of the case though is the inscription on the outside. It said Henry Bennett, Xmas 1914. Having been together with Ron for so long I have become a bit of a historian myself, and he's always saying how the centennial for the Great War is coming up soon. So Mr. Bennett had been the owner of this case with this very special time inscribed on it, for it was the very first Christmas of the First World War when the famous Christmas Truce occurred.

Yes it will soon be a hundred years since the guns of August started to speak in anger and tore the world asunder. Have we learnt our lesson though, looking around I have very serious reservations indeed. So I'll stick this musical video in this post, and wish you all a blessed and peaceful day.

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