Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today's Leather Jewelry Is All About Style

When you think of leather jewelry, do images of punkers bristling with spiked cuffs?
Or crafts you made at camp? Or bad-ass bikers wearing black armbands strapped on
with buckles? Or hippies wearing wristlets tooled with floral designs spring to mind?
That's old school. Contemporary leather jewelry looks nothing like that at all. Instead,
it ranges from stylish to playful, from stark to frilly; it's colorful and multifaceted, it can even be sculptural. In a nutshell, it's modern yet stylish. 
Exotic Skins
All leathers have distinct grains or characteristics.  Using exotic skins in your jewelry
will probably require a higher financial investment, and a greater challenge to locate
them, but it will so pay off in the visual punch of the jewelry. However, you may find
it easier to locate lambskin or cowhide that's been faked to look like exotics.

Leather fringe tassel earrings

  1. Crocodile or alligator- has an armored appearance, with large rectangular scales that are sometimes raised.
  2. Eelskin- is soft and deeply lustrous, with a unique textured stripe running down its center because it comes from a long, slender fish, the skin comes in narrow strips.  
  3. Fishskin- includes the skin taken from grouper, salmon, tilapia, and other types of fish farmed for food.   
  4. Frogskin- has a wonderful burnished texture with freckling.  The skins are  quite small, but that's not an issue when making small-scale jewelry items.
  5. Kangaroo- looks much like cowhide but has a higher tensile strength, so it's goodfor making lacing and motorcycle leathers.  
  6. Sharkskin- looks something like sandpaper, coarse and wrinkled and heavy, with a matte finish, but to the touch, it just feels like stiff leather.  
  7. Snakeskin-  has  two  interesting  features-  its  scaliness,  and  the  play  of  light  and dark  camouflage  marking  on  the  skin.  On  python,  this  is  called  the  diamond effect. Its natural earth tones can be bleached and dyed.  
  8. Stingray- looks and feels like tiny glass beads, with a pale, cigar-shaped area at the center of the skin. It's also known as shagreen. 

    Discover The New Look of Leather Earrings: it's modern, refined, and pretty!
Gold and silver tinged leather earrings

Purple Ladilola leather earrings with alligator pattern

Leather scrunch earrings

Metal patina graffiti faux leather earrings
Leather tassel earrings

Leather & wound brass earrings

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Great Feeling When Wearing Pearl Earrings

Girls always find happiness in jewelry. Most of the women all over the world like to use earrings. This jewelry makes their day perfect and gives them a wonderful feeling that they will start their day on the right foot and end it wonderfully. One thing that they can make earrings look elegant and so amazing are the stones that are placed on them. The most sophisticated kinds of gemstones that can make it so great are none other than the humble pearl. Almost all kinds of jewelry that have pearls will look classy and fashionable. The great thing about pearls is the wholesome image that it can give you.  Maybe I’m biased, but I do have a penchant for them. Pearl earrings will bring out your natural beauty. You will get appreciative looks that you’ve never expected before. These indispensable accessories will make your appearance that extra nudge. For some occasions and gatherings pearl stud earrings are the best one to use.
Emma at the Golden Globe

Almost all girls want to have pearl necklace and earring sets. These kinds of jewelry will give them satisfaction. The sweetest things that they can get from their loved ones are these small expressions of affection. They will really appreciate jewelry than flowers or chocolates that wilt and get eaten. Earrings for women mean a lot to them. They prefer to have these than any other things because for them it symbolizes importance. For them all the things that are important are the need to be treasured and lots of tender loving care. 

White drop pearl earrings with nice stones!

Different Kinds of pearl earrings

The follow are the most common pearl earrings:

- Black pearl earrings – look mysterious and can be seductive to men. 
- Pink pearl earrings – these will give sweet looks that suits vivacious women
- Gold pearl earrings – look elegant and sophisticated
- White pearl earrings – these are appealing because of its perceived purity 
- Grey pearl earrings – look fashionable and something out of the ordinary 
- Silver pearl earrings – indicate simplicity for girls who want that graceful yet simple look – of  unfettered beauty
Bubbly pink earrings

Lots of earrings are available at reputable jewelry shops. The following are the various kinds of earring to suit different occasions that include:
- Clip on earrings- suitable to people who don’t have pierced ears.
- Stud earrings – suitable to wear at an event like a dance, and you don’t have to worry about them  falling off. 
- Gold earrings – best to use in private parties.
- Silver earrings - best to use on simple occasions.
- Hoop earrings – best to use in funky meetings and assemblies. 
- Dangling earrings – best to use at parties and social gatherings.
- Drop earrings – best to use on special occasions.

Black pearl clip earrings with lots of mystique 

Earrings add life to every woman and accentuate her personality. Every time you wear a certain type of earring implies different moods and can embody hidden messages. The moment you have put it on your ears they will give a delightful feeling that your day will become the perfect one. Again, I admit I’m biased. I just love that extra bit of weight on my ears that feels like someone is whispering gently into them…even if they are only sweet nothings! However, always choose the best one that suits to your personality that best describes you. For those who want to buy some, you can visit discount online stores such as that I frequent. I assure you will find the right ones that suit your tastes and budget.

 Golden South Sea pearls

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The New Fashion Trend: Mismatched Pearl Earrings

White and golden south sea pearl earrings

If you follow fashion trends (or even if you don’t), you’ve probably seen celebrities wearing something slightly different on the red carpet this year. If you look closely, many celebs are now wearing mismatched earrings. It’s rumored that this trend started at Dior, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so there’s plenty of time to try out this new trend while it’s still around.

If you want to try out this trend, there is no need to rush out and purchase a pair of mismatched earrings; there are plenty of other ways to try out the look without splurging for a pair of earrings that you might not be able to wear after the trend fades.
Bee and fly pearl earrings!
 Mismatched Stud Pearl Earrings

If you are really interested in trying out the new mismatched pearl earring trend with stud earrings, there is no better way to do it than by using two different colors of pearls. If you have one set of pearl stud earrings already, this is an extremely easy thing to do. All you have to do is buy one more set of earrings and you will be able to mix and match to your heart’s content. If you are planning on doing this with a white pearl earring, then a great complimentary choice would be either a gold or pink freshwater pearl.

The best part about this type of mismatched style is that when you are done you still have two sets of beautiful pearl earrings that you can wear, regardless of whether you choose to continue wearing
mismatched earrings.

Mismatched Dangling Pearl Earrings

While a little harder to pull off, using dangling pearl earrings is closer to the style being worn today. For this to work, you will want to use a similar color pearl, but find an earring that hangs just off your
earlobe and one that hangs much further down to accentuate the mismatched quality.

Similarly to before, if you already have one of these sets of dangling earrings, then all you have to do is find a complimentary set and you are ready to go.

The mismatched earring trend may seem like an expensive one to follow if you go out and buy a set of earrings specifically designed to be mismatched, but you can easily do the exact same thing with two sets of beautiful pearl earrings, and the best part is that when you are done you will still have two sets of matching earrings that you can wear anywhere that you want.

 2-tone pearl earrings

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laser Lite Earrings

Laser lite earrings are light weighed fashion earrings that are actually cut through by lasers. Designers start the design by digitally drafting the patterns on the computer.    They are then transferred to metals for laser cutting. On thin sheets of  metal such as brass and silver,  or even wood, leather and acrylic; lasers actually pierce and edge through the material at hand to create the finished piece.
2-tone sterling silver earrings

Laser cut silver and leather earrings

 Laser cut nautilus earrings

Besides 2D designs, designers can also add 3D elements. Two pieces put together to create one pair of three dimensional earrings.
Laser cut acorn earrings
Moreover, there is the 3D element of pumping and sculpting which can add a lot of stones to give out sparkles and textures to what you’re wearing.

 Laser cut earrings with stones

Here comes the new seasonal style of laser lite 3D earrings. It actually forms something like lovely snowflakes dangling from your ears!

Another new style of jewelry done by laser cut is the pop out jewelry.    They are the hand drawn laser cut jewelry that comes on a metal plate.  It is a whole new way of presentation and it really makes for an interesting experience when you give it as a gift.

Pop out earrings and necklace by Melissa Borrell

This is a brilliant piece of work because the designs are very intricate and they are hand-drawn and then mass-produced, so they are less expensive than a hand-drawn and custom created piece.

The idea of pop out jewelry is to create jewelry that enable people to play a part of the transformation process, and changing a mere piece of metal or wood into an artistic piece of jewelry.

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