Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laser Lite Earrings

Laser lite earrings are light weighed fashion earrings that are actually cut through by lasers. Designers start the design by digitally drafting the patterns on the computer.    They are then transferred to metals for laser cutting. On thin sheets of  metal such as brass and silver,  or even wood, leather and acrylic; lasers actually pierce and edge through the material at hand to create the finished piece.
2-tone sterling silver earrings

Laser cut silver and leather earrings

 Laser cut nautilus earrings

Besides 2D designs, designers can also add 3D elements. Two pieces put together to create one pair of three dimensional earrings.
Laser cut acorn earrings
Moreover, there is the 3D element of pumping and sculpting which can add a lot of stones to give out sparkles and textures to what you’re wearing.

 Laser cut earrings with stones

Here comes the new seasonal style of laser lite 3D earrings. It actually forms something like lovely snowflakes dangling from your ears!

Another new style of jewelry done by laser cut is the pop out jewelry.    They are the hand drawn laser cut jewelry that comes on a metal plate.  It is a whole new way of presentation and it really makes for an interesting experience when you give it as a gift.

Pop out earrings and necklace by Melissa Borrell

This is a brilliant piece of work because the designs are very intricate and they are hand-drawn and then mass-produced, so they are less expensive than a hand-drawn and custom created piece.

The idea of pop out jewelry is to create jewelry that enable people to play a part of the transformation process, and changing a mere piece of metal or wood into an artistic piece of jewelry.

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