Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today's Leather Jewelry Is All About Style

When you think of leather jewelry, do images of punkers bristling with spiked cuffs?
Or crafts you made at camp? Or bad-ass bikers wearing black armbands strapped on
with buckles? Or hippies wearing wristlets tooled with floral designs spring to mind?
That's old school. Contemporary leather jewelry looks nothing like that at all. Instead,
it ranges from stylish to playful, from stark to frilly; it's colorful and multifaceted, it can even be sculptural. In a nutshell, it's modern yet stylish. 
Exotic Skins
All leathers have distinct grains or characteristics.  Using exotic skins in your jewelry
will probably require a higher financial investment, and a greater challenge to locate
them, but it will so pay off in the visual punch of the jewelry. However, you may find
it easier to locate lambskin or cowhide that's been faked to look like exotics.

Leather fringe tassel earrings

  1. Crocodile or alligator- has an armored appearance, with large rectangular scales that are sometimes raised.
  2. Eelskin- is soft and deeply lustrous, with a unique textured stripe running down its center because it comes from a long, slender fish, the skin comes in narrow strips.  
  3. Fishskin- includes the skin taken from grouper, salmon, tilapia, and other types of fish farmed for food.   
  4. Frogskin- has a wonderful burnished texture with freckling.  The skins are  quite small, but that's not an issue when making small-scale jewelry items.
  5. Kangaroo- looks much like cowhide but has a higher tensile strength, so it's goodfor making lacing and motorcycle leathers.  
  6. Sharkskin- looks something like sandpaper, coarse and wrinkled and heavy, with a matte finish, but to the touch, it just feels like stiff leather.  
  7. Snakeskin-  has  two  interesting  features-  its  scaliness,  and  the  play  of  light  and dark  camouflage  marking  on  the  skin.  On  python,  this  is  called  the  diamond effect. Its natural earth tones can be bleached and dyed.  
  8. Stingray- looks and feels like tiny glass beads, with a pale, cigar-shaped area at the center of the skin. It's also known as shagreen. 

    Discover The New Look of Leather Earrings: it's modern, refined, and pretty!
Gold and silver tinged leather earrings

Purple Ladilola leather earrings with alligator pattern

Leather scrunch earrings

Metal patina graffiti faux leather earrings
Leather tassel earrings

Leather & wound brass earrings

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