Friday, October 3, 2014

Origami Jewelry and Exquisite Fashionable Earrings

Don't just fold and look at your origami work- wear it! Using paper in a dazzling array
of colors and wonderful patterns, textures and finishes, and with traditional folding
skills and simple jewelry-making techniques, you will learn to fashion pendants,
contemporary earrings, and other exquisite accessories. 

 Origami Rose Earrings Red, pink, yellow, or white- everyone has a favorite color for roses, so choose yours for these blooms. Made from several identically folded flowers of different sizes, these roses are quite simple to fold, yet they look very elaborate. 

Origami rose earrings and necklace

Vivid variations. While solid paper gives a more realistic appearance, yuzen washi
and other patterned paper is more impressionistic. These cardinal red and pink roses
earrings will catch everyone's eye. 

Yuzen washi- is a great for origami jewelry. "Yuzen" refers to traditional designs used for kimonos. These designs are silkscreened onto washi sheets, and there are endless exquisite designs and colors to choose from.  

Origami Butterfly Earrings 
The butterfly is a symbol of beauty, transformation, and freedom. Butterflies have
always been loved, worldwide, for their graceful appearance as they flutter freely in
the air. Yuzen washi paper is recommended to represent the butterfly's beauty. 

Origami Candy Earrings
What is your favorite candy flavor- strawberry, orange, mint, blueberry or lemon? It is hard to pick just one! These beads cheerfully string together all the different colors. Good luck with picking the one color for matching earrings.  

Origami Crab Earrings
You can almost feel the sand between your toes when you wear these summery
crabs. Their charm will bring a smile to your face even you are full of winter blues.  

Leaf Origami Earrings
Fall is many people's favorite season. Bright red, yellow and orange leaves provide
plenty artistic inspiration. The two colors blend with harmony in one sheet of paper
to reproduce a beautiful autumnal tint.

Some people worry about the idea of wearing paper:" It's so delicate, I'll destroy it
within a day!" What if it rains?" Of course, Origami is not as durable as metal, but the
earrings are surprisingly durable, and you can wear it even on rainy days!  

Origami frog earrings

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