Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Earring Styles for Face Shape

Want to wear earrings but don’t know what kind of earrings look good on you?  Here I would have some suggestions that really get you to think outside the boundaries to widen your choices.  Understanding your face shape and jaw line is essential as they are going to affect the style and the length of earrings you can wear.  The first thing you want to do is to find the widest base on your face. 


Oval type 

Oval has the longest face, widest forehead and a narrower chin line. This is a very popular face style.  Drop earrings or dangle earrings are the kinds of details put to balance the area by the jaw, not the eye. The longer your earring goes down, the more you emphasize your face.  The closer your earring goes to your eyes, the more you emphasize your eyes. The former works best in oval type. Hoop earrings and chandelier earrings are also the good choices as they are filling in the area giving the most attractive look.


Round type

Round has the widest part right across the cheek line with a round jaw line.

This shape is a little more demanding.  If you have a shorter or longer neckline, then your hair length becomes extremely important.  The area that you have to consider is right beside the cheek.  A geometric drop earring would be a perfect match to round shape because it’s a contrast to the round. If you have short hair cut, wear round stud earrings which help pull the weight across the cheek line.  If you really want drop earrings, do wear the longest earring you can possibly get because it’s really going to help you look very romantic. The round-faced people are sexy all attack because they can have longer earrings to try out.


Square type

Square has the widest down at the bottom and is usually accompanied by more about rounded or square chin line.  To make the balance, we need to bring the weight away from the widest part of your face and bring it up more toward your eyes and closer to the ears. Through a lot of eye make-up would make you look pretty because it emphasizes your eyes a lot when you have a square face.  Long dangle earrings with weight at the top and length drops down beyond chin will help move the weight up by the ear and go into the face.


These are just some of the ideas to show you the kinds of boulder earrings that you can wear in the right place with confidence.  Trust you will get the best results by learning the styles of earrings to wear with certain face shapes.  More importantly, you shouldn’t be missing an opportunity to make yourself more beautiful.

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