Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to grab a guy’s attention at a party?

Imagine if you’re at a friend’s party and have spotted the man you secretly fancy on the other side of the room.  The question is, how do you get his attention? 


Wearing jewelry and flattering dress to make an attractive look and having confidence in the way a woman looks and acts are not to mention. Besides these outward appearances, how to interact with a guy to get his attention?  The secret is in the eyes.  Most women try to grab a man’s attention by meeting his gaze, holding it for two to three seconds, then looking away and down.  This gaze is long enough for her to send him a message of interest and potential submission.
Most men are not hardwired to read a woman’s first gaze signal so she usually needs to repeat it three times before the average man picks up on it, four times for really slow men and five or more times for the especially thick.  When she finally gets his attention, she will often use a small version of the Eyebrow Flash – that is a small subtle eye-widening gesture that tells him the signal was intended for him.  The eyebrows rise rapidly for a split second and then drop again.  This is an unconscious signal that acknowledges the other person’s presence and which translates to ‘I acknowledge you and am not threatening.’
If a man doesn’t seem to notice, sometimes a simple face-to-face verbal approach of ‘Hey, I like you!’ is more effective on men who are slow on the uptake.  Lowering the eyelids while simultaneously raising the eye-brows, looking up and slightly parting the lips is a cluster that has been used by women for centuries to show sexual submissiveness.  This is one of the trademarks of the sex sirens and is another good seduction tip to use.  Not only does this gesture maximize the distance between the eyelid and eyebrows, it also gives the person a mysterious, secretive look.
 Try it out, light man’s fire at the party.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014


There is extra-excitement when preparing our wardrobes and jewelry is no different. The chance to add a little color and fun is irresistible after a long time is just waiting to be tried out.

Your jewelry says a lot about you, but for 2014, it’ll have the chance to say even more, with message and slogan jewelry enjoying a huge rise in popularity. Stock up on these pieces now, because with the many ways this trend can be implemented.

Last year, we saw stacking rings take off in a big way, but this year, every type of jewelry is getting the stacked and layered treatment. Expect to see big armfuls of stacked bangle bracelets, or pendant necklaces combined and layered. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals, materials, and textures to create many different looks with a rich, eclectic, feel.

The statement jewelry trend is showing no signs of slowing down in this year, and this season, pins and brooches finally get an invite to the party.
You’ll be able to unleash your free spirit this spring, with whimsical motifs making a strong showing on this season’s must-have pendants, charm bracelets and rings.

With Radiant Orchid as Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, it’s no surprise that the captivating hue has taken the spring jewelry scene by storm as well. Amethyst, pink sapphire, and pink tourmaline will be your go-to gemstones for incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year into spring ensembles, with feminine styles and silhouettes offering a perfect complement for Radiant Orchid’s romantic feel. Pink sapphire, pink tourmaline or amethyst jewelry will also go with all your favorite spring pastels!
Perhaps the biggest jewelry trend of past year, statement necklaces are still going strong in this year. And with so many options now available, it’s easier than ever to add your individual touch to any ensemble. Bright, multicolored pieces are cropping up everywhere now that spring wardrobes are being brought out of the closet, and we’re seeing people experimenting with more variations. Layers, multigem creations, beaded and floral numbers — whether your style is feminine, boho, or rocker-chic, there’s something for everyone this spring.
Cuff bracelets have proved their staying power over the last couple of years, but for this year, they’re getting a chic update in cut-out styles, in line with the rise of everything perforated this season. Slip one on when you’re headed out the door — they’re a great alternative to an armful of bangle bracelets for the woman on the go.
The runway collections saw an abundance of pearl jewelry in all colors and styles, from delicate and feminine strands to edgy, oversized chokers — good news for those of us looking to bring this timeless fashion staple out from the bottom of our jewelry boxes. Wear them in statement styles to add a polished finish to your wardrobe staples, or pair them with a leather jacket for a look that’s edgy yet sophisticated.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Dawn of Russian Jewelry Designer – Natasha Zinko

The last time I ever heard about a famous female Russian jewelry designer was  dated back in late 2012 and her name is Alena Gorchakova. I thought that I would never be able to find another prominent jewelry designer like Alena until I read about Natash Zinko from an editorial written by Ruthie Friedlander.

Similar to Alena Gorchakova, Natasha Zinko was educated by one of the world’s finest design schools, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. In 2008, she won the First Jewelry Prize of Harold Hobbs Memorial Award and also won the Cool Diamond Award in 2009. Natasha Zinko is now one of the hottest fashion celebrities/darlings in United Kingdom.

Here is an abstract of the editorial written by Ruthie Friedlander:-

Q. You studied jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, but also design ready-to-wear. Besides working with different materials, what is the biggest difference in the design process?

Jewelry design always comes through my emotions and feelings. I believe that jewelry could have a protective power, like a charm. Designing jewelry, you are 3D thinking on a smaller scale, while making clothes gives you the opportunity to play with bigger dimensions. Clothing is always inspired by my day-to-day life and surroundings.

Q. Do you prefer designing jewelry or clothing?

I consider myself a jewelry designer but fashion is my passion and working on both gives me more freedom for experimentation and variety in design.

Q. Your style is very Russian at its core. What does your heritage mean to you and how do you see it expressed in your designs?

My background has a combination of Russian and Ukrainian roots. I grew up in the Soviet Union and of course it had a great cultural influence on me. I believe I am a very sensitive person and its influence is apparent in my designs.

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sometimes I start just thinking about some époque and my mind is focused in it so much that no matter where I look, I see connections and the details from that period [everywhere around me].

Q. Many of your pieces are whimsical and fun, but are made from very fine materials, like gold, diamond, and pearls. Tell us about this juxtaposition.

I like the timeless value of gold, but I also like the style of “effortless chic.” All my combinations of materials add a bit of fun to the designs. Fun is always needed in our daily life.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece from your most recent jewelry collection?

I always enjoy wearing my bunnies. They always brighten up my day.

Q. What is the greatest lesson you learned while in fashion school?

"Never stop thinking." Teachers always persuaded us to put everything on a paper. Then the ideas would start to come to life. That’s why I always carry my small sketchbook no matter where I go.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Bling Jewelry for Peace

The peace sign might be the most recognized symbol in the world, but how many of us know its meaning?  It has helped galvanize peace movements since the 60’s, with the Vietnam war ending earlier than it otherwise would. 

Last year, England refused to go to war against Syria, despite intense American pressure on her to join its mad coalition to attack yet another sovereign nation. 

 In the end, Mr. Cameron received a major egg-in-the-face moment for his pains. The peace sign was again used in massive demonstrations outside parliament, contributing to its decision against another war based on falsehood.

So where does the sign spring from? It was actually created by British artist Gerald Holtom in 1958 for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC) during their march on the British Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.  It was subsequently adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the UK, which became the first step towards its universal popularity.  Later on it was brought to the United States where activists adopted it in its own civil rights marches.  Instead of being just a symbol for nuclear disarmament, it became a general sign for anti-war protestors.

There was much thought and effort put into designing the peace symbol.  Ironically, it was based on military semaphoric signals used in battlefield communication.  Holtom used the symbols for “N” and “D”, standing for Nuclear Disarmament.    It is important for us to understand what we are supporting in wearing it or displaying it on accessories.  The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament had this to say about the use of the peace sign:  “Although specifically designed for the anti-nuclear movement it has quite deliberately never been copyrighted. No one has to pay or to seek permission before they use it. A symbol of freedom, it is free for all. This of course sometimes leads to its use, or misuse, in circumstances that CND and the peace movement find distasteful. It is also often exploited for commercial, advertising or general fashion purposes. We can’t stop this happening and have no intention of copyrighting it.”  Make your fashion statement count please, because it holds real power.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Lovely Necklace

As a jewelry-phobe, my collection is pretty small. I used to build my jewelry confidence by having a plethora of tiny, inconsequential necklaces on fine, skinny chains that held on minimalist charm or a tiny pendant. They were “everyday necklaces” which are totally fine, but I’m at a point where I want everything I’m wearing to entertain me somehow, and those little wispy necklaces just aren’t cutting it for me anymore.

That’s more like it. This is really striking necklace, but I like that it’s not too busy, so it can be the focus without being an eyesore, if that makes sense.
I especially love how it lays.

Not too high, not too low. It looks like one of those pieces that looks like it took a lot of thought to purchase, but not a lot of thought to wear. Imagine it over a sweater, black dress, white v-neck, button-down shirt… This is definitely a piece of jewelry that makes you look cooler than you actually are.

Weird color combinations are my bread & butter. I’m also the type of person who can’t wear burgundy pants with a mint green top because it feels too much like Christmas, so maybe I’m just bitter about seeing the same colors paired together over and over, year after year.

We get it, turquoise & coral, navy & white, red & blue… super compatible colors that are super boring together.

How about a little grey & orange pendant necklace to brighten up your day?

This warm grey and bright orange is… oddly complimentary. It stood out to me like a sore thumb while I was scrolling through Net A Porter’s clearance racks. I then noticed that there are small crystals and cubic zirconia studding each pendant, which is a pretty ballsy choice in combination with the fluorescent orange and gold tone chain.
Now, this is something I haven’t seen before: dipped gold chain. It’s long and it’s neutral – two things that go very well with the word “chain.”

I say that because I have a bright gold chain that isn’t this long, it’s more of a choker, and the bright’n’shiny-ness of it is almost more of a statement than I want to make. Making 75% of it glossy, rubbery black chain, instead, would be a great way to temper that eye-catching opulence and make it more casual.

The way that Nordstrom has styled this necklace definitely gives me some ideas…

…but I also have a little obsession surrounding baseball t-shirts, so – there’s that, too. I could see this necklace over a basic tee, just as much as a button down blouse for work. It would also compliment a monochrome look, as the gold would be a pop of color against blacks, white and grays. A little shiny never hurts an outfit, right?


Friday, July 4, 2014


One way to create a signature in your style while exhibiting classic consistency is to invest in a piece of earring that you love and wear every single day. MISE EN DIOR earrings are my favorite pair and it is a must have in everyone's jewelry box. It pulls every outfit I wear together, and I know I will love it forever.

There is something that really touches me about personalized earring. No matter how specific the design, wearing something you love and hold close to your heart is definitely classic.

Made trendy by Coco Chanel’s saying ”A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls”, which we all agree can at times seem old fashioned. This season, however, pearls get a facelift and our heart goes out to the MISE EN DIOR Tribal earrings.  Camille Miceli, creative director of Dior accessories, revisited the iconique pearl earring and created these simple yet edgy-rock earrings.
MISE EN TRIBAL earrings are truly a hit. They are modern, edgy, beautiful, and come in various colors, pearl, pink, silver, black, blue, colored, embellished, what is sure is that there are enough combinations to seduce all of us.

It can be styled in an asymmetric way with your long and shinny hair behind one ear, or of course you can wear both at the same time!

They are the earrings I pack in my weekend-getaway bag because I know they will go with anything. Its’ design and various color that will surely earn an honorable place in your jewelry box. Always in vogue, these classic design will be cherished for many years, and many special events, to come.

"Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most striking," explains Dior's Camille Miceli. I never thought I'd say these words, but thanks to Christian Dior, I have a newfound love for pearl. It's my new fashion love indeed!
These earrings are haute! The design in this section are fashion-forward but not too trendy. The modern, geometric lines and forms are clean and timeless, yet the details add cosmopolitan flair. The simple color palettes and use of color-neutral silver pearls, and components add to the sophistication.




Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Earrings Vogue: Brazil Bio-Jewelry

In lieu of the 2014 World Cup, I am excited to share with my readers a few special commemorative collection of biojóias designed by Glória Erthal Jóias da Natureza (Jewels of Nature).
The new pieces are referred to as biojóias or bio-jewelry, because they, like the many other works in the brand’s unique line, are made from delicate leaves and seeds harvested from the Brazilian soil that have been dehydrated then combined, by hand, with precious metals, including gold, platinum and copper to draw out their natural intricate textures. It is a delicate and slow process.

The pieces include famous Rio landmarks represented in the collection include; a Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) pendant; a Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf) pendant, and earrings and a pendant featuring the Calçade de Copacabana (the famous patterned sidewalks of Copacabana designed by Roberto Burle Marx).

The Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza jewelry line was created over a year and a half ago by entrepreneurs and designers Glória Erthal and Ana Lucia Chebabe. With a focus on nature and women’s fashion accessories, the two developed the jewelry line in the hopes of making a difference in the market through the sustainable production of timeless and original pieces.



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