Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Dawn of Russian Jewelry Designer – Natasha Zinko

The last time I ever heard about a famous female Russian jewelry designer was  dated back in late 2012 and her name is Alena Gorchakova. I thought that I would never be able to find another prominent jewelry designer like Alena until I read about Natash Zinko from an editorial written by Ruthie Friedlander.

Similar to Alena Gorchakova, Natasha Zinko was educated by one of the world’s finest design schools, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. In 2008, she won the First Jewelry Prize of Harold Hobbs Memorial Award and also won the Cool Diamond Award in 2009. Natasha Zinko is now one of the hottest fashion celebrities/darlings in United Kingdom.

Here is an abstract of the editorial written by Ruthie Friedlander:-

Q. You studied jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, but also design ready-to-wear. Besides working with different materials, what is the biggest difference in the design process?

Jewelry design always comes through my emotions and feelings. I believe that jewelry could have a protective power, like a charm. Designing jewelry, you are 3D thinking on a smaller scale, while making clothes gives you the opportunity to play with bigger dimensions. Clothing is always inspired by my day-to-day life and surroundings.

Q. Do you prefer designing jewelry or clothing?

I consider myself a jewelry designer but fashion is my passion and working on both gives me more freedom for experimentation and variety in design.

Q. Your style is very Russian at its core. What does your heritage mean to you and how do you see it expressed in your designs?

My background has a combination of Russian and Ukrainian roots. I grew up in the Soviet Union and of course it had a great cultural influence on me. I believe I am a very sensitive person and its influence is apparent in my designs.

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sometimes I start just thinking about some époque and my mind is focused in it so much that no matter where I look, I see connections and the details from that period [everywhere around me].

Q. Many of your pieces are whimsical and fun, but are made from very fine materials, like gold, diamond, and pearls. Tell us about this juxtaposition.

I like the timeless value of gold, but I also like the style of “effortless chic.” All my combinations of materials add a bit of fun to the designs. Fun is always needed in our daily life.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece from your most recent jewelry collection?

I always enjoy wearing my bunnies. They always brighten up my day.

Q. What is the greatest lesson you learned while in fashion school?

"Never stop thinking." Teachers always persuaded us to put everything on a paper. Then the ideas would start to come to life. That’s why I always carry my small sketchbook no matter where I go.


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