Monday, July 7, 2014

My Lovely Necklace

As a jewelry-phobe, my collection is pretty small. I used to build my jewelry confidence by having a plethora of tiny, inconsequential necklaces on fine, skinny chains that held on minimalist charm or a tiny pendant. They were “everyday necklaces” which are totally fine, but I’m at a point where I want everything I’m wearing to entertain me somehow, and those little wispy necklaces just aren’t cutting it for me anymore.

That’s more like it. This is really striking necklace, but I like that it’s not too busy, so it can be the focus without being an eyesore, if that makes sense.
I especially love how it lays.

Not too high, not too low. It looks like one of those pieces that looks like it took a lot of thought to purchase, but not a lot of thought to wear. Imagine it over a sweater, black dress, white v-neck, button-down shirt… This is definitely a piece of jewelry that makes you look cooler than you actually are.

Weird color combinations are my bread & butter. I’m also the type of person who can’t wear burgundy pants with a mint green top because it feels too much like Christmas, so maybe I’m just bitter about seeing the same colors paired together over and over, year after year.

We get it, turquoise & coral, navy & white, red & blue… super compatible colors that are super boring together.

How about a little grey & orange pendant necklace to brighten up your day?

This warm grey and bright orange is… oddly complimentary. It stood out to me like a sore thumb while I was scrolling through Net A Porter’s clearance racks. I then noticed that there are small crystals and cubic zirconia studding each pendant, which is a pretty ballsy choice in combination with the fluorescent orange and gold tone chain.
Now, this is something I haven’t seen before: dipped gold chain. It’s long and it’s neutral – two things that go very well with the word “chain.”

I say that because I have a bright gold chain that isn’t this long, it’s more of a choker, and the bright’n’shiny-ness of it is almost more of a statement than I want to make. Making 75% of it glossy, rubbery black chain, instead, would be a great way to temper that eye-catching opulence and make it more casual.

The way that Nordstrom has styled this necklace definitely gives me some ideas…

…but I also have a little obsession surrounding baseball t-shirts, so – there’s that, too. I could see this necklace over a basic tee, just as much as a button down blouse for work. It would also compliment a monochrome look, as the gold would be a pop of color against blacks, white and grays. A little shiny never hurts an outfit, right?


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