Friday, July 4, 2014


One way to create a signature in your style while exhibiting classic consistency is to invest in a piece of earring that you love and wear every single day. MISE EN DIOR earrings are my favorite pair and it is a must have in everyone's jewelry box. It pulls every outfit I wear together, and I know I will love it forever.

There is something that really touches me about personalized earring. No matter how specific the design, wearing something you love and hold close to your heart is definitely classic.

Made trendy by Coco Chanel’s saying ”A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls”, which we all agree can at times seem old fashioned. This season, however, pearls get a facelift and our heart goes out to the MISE EN DIOR Tribal earrings.  Camille Miceli, creative director of Dior accessories, revisited the iconique pearl earring and created these simple yet edgy-rock earrings.
MISE EN TRIBAL earrings are truly a hit. They are modern, edgy, beautiful, and come in various colors, pearl, pink, silver, black, blue, colored, embellished, what is sure is that there are enough combinations to seduce all of us.

It can be styled in an asymmetric way with your long and shinny hair behind one ear, or of course you can wear both at the same time!

They are the earrings I pack in my weekend-getaway bag because I know they will go with anything. Its’ design and various color that will surely earn an honorable place in your jewelry box. Always in vogue, these classic design will be cherished for many years, and many special events, to come.

"Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most striking," explains Dior's Camille Miceli. I never thought I'd say these words, but thanks to Christian Dior, I have a newfound love for pearl. It's my new fashion love indeed!
These earrings are haute! The design in this section are fashion-forward but not too trendy. The modern, geometric lines and forms are clean and timeless, yet the details add cosmopolitan flair. The simple color palettes and use of color-neutral silver pearls, and components add to the sophistication.




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