Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pearl Earrings & Diamond Ring - "Will You Marry Me?"

"Will you marry me, honey? Mmm...say you will....! Honey, It's a 2 carat diamond ring and a fancy pair of pearl earrings! Those four little words (Will you marry me) form what may well be the most important question you'll ever ask. The rest of your life flows from that question. It joins two families and begins a new family, and determines everything from what you will do and where you will spend your holidays, to what your kids will be like, what you will eat for dinner, western or Chinese cuisine...

In other words, this question is a BIG DEAL! Too big to treat casually... You seriously don't want to just pull out the ring box while you are watching TV or eating your chips and say, "Oh yeah, I thought you might like to...uh...would you?"

Make it a moment you'll both remember forever!
She will remember it, everything and every tiny detail of it....the date and time, what clothes and jewelries she was wearing, what you were wearing, the place and the weather. She'll remember who she told first, and what they said to her, and how her parents and your parents reacted... everything! So take the time and make the effort to plan it, plan it well and make the details come out just right. Why spend a lot of time and money getting the perfect diamond ring only to have the Big Moment turn out to be a flop? A diamond is just one part of a “Perfect Proposal”. It takes thought, planning, loving, attention to detail, and occasionally teamwork to create the kind of fireworks which will leave a lasting glow on your lives together. Don't you agree with me?

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