Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Cursed Necklace

Went through my dusty boxes today and found an old copy of my favorite cautionary tale 'The Necklace' by de Maupassant.  We studied the story for a literature class in school, and it had touched a raw nerve in me as a teenaged lass who coveted ridiculously colorful little trinkets and beady knick-knacks, and I felt chastised as I read it. The feeling somehow never really left me, even after all this time.

Beautiful Mathilde was convinced that fate had dealt her a bad hand, being born in modest circumstances.  She felt she was meant for finer things and her resentment against her station in life twisted her.  Although she had a comfortable home and a devoted husband, a lowly civil servant, she was so dissatisfied that she was oblivious to everything except the wealth which eluded her. Her desire for wealth was such a constant torment within her soul that she could not even visit her rich friends without being overcome with intense jealousy. It was the idea of going to a party without expensive clothes and the appropriate accoutrements, in this case the cursed diamond necklace which Mathilde lost the at the party, Mathilde had to exhort her entire savings and borrowed heavily to pay for the replacement diamond necklace. The ironic thing is after years of hard work paying off her debt, she eventually found out that the necklace itself was not even real diamonds, and was only worth 500 francs instead of the 36,000 francs. I too have experienced such moments of insanity that in hindsight made no sense. Haven't we all? 

One of the characters depicted by de Maupassant is like my boyfriend, Monsieur Loisel. He is the absolute antithesis of Ron. Who would want such an utterly doting husband? Absolutely cloying.  Since he bought me a pair of pearl earrings for our anniversary, he has been giving me little jewelry gifts every month.   My most recent gift is the pearly drops earrings. The fabulous Silver Art Deco Pearl Dangle Earrings that make me look like a princess. These pair of breathtaking white pearl earrings is silver plated and has round clear cubic zirconia stones encrusted for a fabulous trendy look. On the bottom of these CZ dangle earrings are a glistening shell pearl that has an enchanting appeal, and brighten up any outfit I wear.

Anyway, tidying up the house this time is bringing up many memories. Just you wait until I flip through the pages of some of Steinbeck's short stories!



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