Monday, May 19, 2014

B.E.S.T of Diamond and the Perfect Proposal

What are the four things anyone needs to do to get their BEST start before buying the perfect diamond ? (P.S. this time...pearl earrings are not going to do the magic :P)

Budget- Figure out what you have to spend, and stick to it.

Expectations- Listen to her. Try to understand her expectations (her needs and wants) so you will have a  feel for what to pick out.
Savvy- Become savvy! Know what any given diamond should cost and what the best qualities are to wear. Knowledge is power. You will never win the race without training.

Timetable- Figure out when you want to give it to her and do not rush. Haste makes waste. Give  yourself enough time to study up, shop around, and plan the perfect proposal!

The Proposal....."On the Radio"

Ron  called the evening DJ at the radio station he and Sarah always listened to and enlisted his collaboration. Saturday evening, as Ron and Sarah were in the car, heading for dinner at their favorite French restaurant- Le Bernardin, 155 W 51st St, Manhattan, NYC, the DJ began playing the pre-recorded interview he'd done with Ron. On the tape, Ron is telling the DJ about his wonderful girlfriend, and the story of how they met, and everything about her...Sarah gradually realizes that story sounds familiar. Then she realizes it's Ron's voice she's hearing on the radio!

Ron continues driving, grinning from ear to ear as Sarah listens in astonishment. Finally, over the radio, Ron's voice says, "Sarah, open the glove compartment." she does, and finds a ring box. "Open it," Ron's voice commands. Inside is a beautiful diamond ring. :)
Finally, Ron's voice comes over the radio, she hears the magic words, "Sarah, will you marry me?"

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