Friday, May 23, 2014

Pearl Matching is More About How They Fit Together

The term "Matching" here, does not mean that all of the pearls are absolutely identical - that would be impossible! Nor does it even mean that all of the pearls in the piece are generally uniform in size, shape, and color. It basically means that the pearls "fit together" in a pleasing manner, and that variations among them are either minimal, gradual, or for a specific purpose…

A pair of pearl earrings is a classic, iconic and versatile fashion accessory. You can wear pearl earrings with a formal outfit or go for a casual look and pair the earrings with jeans and a relaxed shirt. Keep in mind that a pair of pearl earrings can make you look older than you are, especially if you make conservative fashion choices. Keep your look fresh and young by wearing the earrings with a slightly unconventional, bold looks.

Formal Attire

You can't beat the combination of pearl stud earrings and a little black dress. Keep the look simple for a formal dinner party or other event. Choose a slim-cut black shift dress that falls to the knees or just above the knees. You don't want too much detail on the dress. Add texture to the look with a pair of textured tights. Lacy black tights or fishnets will work well. Add a pop of color with a pair of red pumps or keep the look monochrome by wearing black heels.

Ready for Work

Pearl earrings will look classy paired with an outfit for work, whether your office requires business attire or lets you be a bit more casual. For a look that's trend but still professional, try wearing a pair of gray or black pearl earrings with a gray wool shift dress and blazer. If you prefer to wear pants to work, choose a cropped, fitted blazer, white button-down shirt and slim fitting, cropped black pants. Finish the look with a pair of oxfords or ballet flats.

Keep It Casual

Even if you're relaxing on a weekend or holiday, going to lunch or shopping, pearl earrings fit right in. Wear your favorite jeans, whether they're boot-cut or slim fitting. Go for a darker rinse, unless you absolutely love the lighter washes. On top, wear a fitted t-shirt in a bold color. Purple or green will work nicely. If its fall or winter, a fitted sweater will work too or a long sleeved casual button-down!

Get Creative

Think outside the box when wearing your pearl earrings for an unexpected look that still looks great. Try pairing the earrings with dressy shorts. A pair of shorts made from silk or taffeta will look stunning with pearl earrings and a fitted sleeveless blouse. Those earrings will also look great paired with pleated shorts or a pair of shorts with a ribbon belt. Try mixing and matching elements for an interesting and unusual look. For example, take the casual look to the extreme and create a funky outfit by wearing your pearls with a pair of cut-offs or ripped jeans. It's unexpected and will make people look your way twice.



Michelle Katherine said...

pearl earrings are our favourite to wear, they're perfect everyday earrings!They're so versatile and go worth absolutely everything

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love pearl earrings so much! It makes me look elegant and feminine... :)


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