Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Exotic Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewelry doesn't have to be understated or monochromatic; it can also have an eclectic, ethnic style when combined with handcrafted beads from India and sparkling crystals. Talented metal artisans created the ornate sterling silver beads that give these pearl earrings an exotic flavor!
Connected to the powers of peace, love, luck, purity, and honesty, pearls are a favorite component for many jewelry lovers.  Here are a list of materials you will need to design your own fabulous pair of pair earrings:




2 sterling silver eurowire ear hooks                                               
Twelve  4mm sterling daisy spacers
Two  5mm gray pearl beads
Two 6mm clear crystal beads
Two 4mm white pearls beads
Two 1" (3 cm) 24-gauge (0.5 mm) head pins
Two 2" (5 cm) 24-gauge (0.5mm)eye pins
Two 8mm x 6mm sterling baroque dot beads
Wire cutter
Round-nosed pliers & flat-nosed pliers
Step by step
 1. Begin by stringing the following beads onto one of the sterling silver eye pins in this order: daisy bead, crystal bead, daisy bead, baroque bead, daisy bead, gray pearl bead, and daisy bead.
 2. Add an ear hook onto the top of the eye pin by using the wrap loop technique, remember to add the  ear hook to the loop before wrapping it closed.                 
 3. Now it is time to make the second part of the earring. Add one daisy bead, one 4mm white pearl bead, and one daisy bead onto a head pin.
 4. Use the wrap loop technique to finish the top of the head pin so that the loop is close to the beads added in the previous step. The finished piece should be approximately ½" (1 cm) in length.
 5. Trim the excess off the head pin using wire cutters.
 6. Now, pick up the first part of the earring, and use round-nosed pliers to slightly open the loop on the end of the eye pin.
 7. Slip the loop of the second earring part onto the open eye of the pin.
 8. Again, use round-nosed pliers to close the loop on the end of the eye pin. Repeat all these steps to make a second earring so that you have a matching pair.  
Sarah's Tip:
Probably the most difficult part of making earrings is to make sure that both match, especially in length. But do not make yourself too crazy when trying to do this. Remember that though you may hold them up next to each other to see how they look after you have made them, you will be wearing them on either side of your head. Therefore, if one is a little longer than the other, it will not be noticeable! To ensure that earrings are the same length, first be aware of the length of head pins and wire as you use them. You may even want to use a ruler to measure each section. Experiment and find a method that works best for you.
Wrap Loop
The wrap loop technique is extremely useful for a large number of jewelry projects. For this  technique, you will need a pair of round-nosed pliers, wire cutters, flat-nosed pliers, and your choice of wire to create wrap loops. Be patient, and be prepared to practice. There is no way you will do this perfectly the first time. The more you do it, the better you will become.


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