Thursday, May 8, 2014

Are Earrings only for Ladies?

Earrings are not the only jewelry for ladies but also for men.  It's a little known fact, but men began wearing earrings even before women.  The tradition of men wearing earrings dated far back in our ancestry to primitive Indian tribes.  

Facial piercings and jewelry were used as tools to modify the bodies in religious and cultural initiations and rituals.  For many of these primitive Indian tribes, body modification is a symbol of age, status, wealth and standing within the tribe that is still used even today.    

In the 20th century, thanks to the hippy movement, punk rock and numerous male public figures sporting piercings such as Michael Jordon, pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Will Smiths, the trend of wearing an earring went from religious symbol to simple fashion statement.

Here is an interesting question: Should a guy wear an earring on the left or the right ear? Sometime ago, we thought that a guy should wear it on the left but not the right ear. Wearing an earring on the right ear is a sign of homosexuality. As time goes by, overgeneralization usually causes problems because nowadays people don't follow the rules. Some might even say that "right is right and left is gay". The days of men getting beat up, harassed or thrown in the gutter just because they wear an earring are finally over. The trend of men's earrings has finally hit the mainstream, especially for the younger generation, and it isn't going to disappear anytime soon. In contemporary American culture, a man's earring usually indicate social affiliations but not to their sexuality. Earrings on men can also be looked at as an extension of the man's personality, style or willingness to make a statement. As earrings have lost their false distinctions, the sight of a man with an earring has also lost a lot of its shock value.
Today, there are various types of earrings for men, ranging from classic studs, dangling and hoops to more elaborate forms of ear and facial modification. The following are several gorgeous men having earrings on one or both of their ears.


Guys, what are the reasons for wearing earrings? I have seen many guys wearing for the hack of fun without any sense of purpose. Some men earrings even look hideous and I think it must be very painful to put them on in the first place.  
Ladies, what do you think of men wearing earrings? Do you feel sexuality attracted when you see a guy wearing earrings?

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