Friday, June 20, 2014

Pearl Earrings and Jewelry Vogue: Samba

The 2014 World Cup event has brought much media attention to the Brazilian culture. Brazil is not just renowned for its rich football history, but also for its Rio Carnival.  Every year, each of the favelas – the shanty-town slums in the hills surrounding the city sends thousands of costumed dancers, musicians and floats to compete in the spectacle of the Samba Parade. 
Carnival really means a lot to the Brazilians because for once during the year they get to go out and have as much fun as they can (theoretically guilt free). 
Residents of the favelas are often members of a local samba school and are deeply involved with the performance and costumes of their groups. Carnival and samba are their alternative passion beyond football.
Samba is a high-energy, exciting style of dance.  Watching the talented professional dancers doing samba is extremely entertaining and enjoyable.  The dazzling, luxury costumes , usually two-pieces bikinis typically expose dancers' torsos, legs, arms and shoulders.  That enables the dancers to dance as free as possible in order to facilitate movements and body language.  
Samba costumes and headdresses are often elaborated with vibrant colors. The embellishments are the keys, which may consist of sequins, rhinestones, beads or faux jewels, metallic shimmer, floral pieces, fringe and feathers.  Jewelry is all over.
Evocative and sympathetic, samba is a brilliant interpretation of the history and culture of black Brazilians, and the social and spiritual forces that are expressed in the driving beat of samba music and dance.
Can’t wait to watch the samba dance….

Batucada Brazil Samba Video

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