Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Top Accessory Trends for Spring

Happy 2015 dear friends.  After a prolonged period of festive celebrations we are all returning to the grind of daily life!  But it really all that blue and dreary is it?  Let us anticipate Spring and what the new year will bring.

Having read Vogue’s piece about the top trends n accessories for this year, I’ll give you a bit of a summary here.  For those of you wishing to peruse the article in its entirety, here it is.  Of these 7 trends, top spot goes to handbags – specifically the ITs with their minimalist approach, included in this category are hands-free satchels.
Somewhat ho-hum if you asked me...

Second place, and my own favourite goes to Statement Earrings.  This is hardly surprising with all that transpires today, making either a personal fashion or political statement would be on many people’s minds.  We all stand for something right?  On the fashion front, Loewe’s shoulder dusters and Nina Ricci’s mismatched earrings come to the fore as real eye-catchers.

 Shoulder-dusting earrings
Nina Ricci mismatched earrings

The next 3 trends all have to do with the feet…namely the Gladiator, Flats and Platforms!  Having back-to-back flats and platforms really suggests the modern angst we live in today doesn’t it.  It’s downright schizophrenic in my humble opinion! Personally I scratched #5 from this list because I'm on the tallish side myself, and I hate the feeling as if walking on stilts - plus it makes me feel like Big Bird from Sesame Street when I have them on!  Give me gladiator sandals to do battle with, or sensible flats any day.

 The Gladiator!

In 6th place is another bag, the Perfect Circle.  Still on the minimalist side and I too have a penchant for all things simple.

Finally bringing up the rear very nicely indeed is the Obi Belt, simplicity and elegance, and a fitting way to tie up the list of trends for the coming spring. Hope you've enjoyed the summary, and have a good, healthy and happy new year.

 An Obi belt


Have a Good One!

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