Thursday, January 15, 2015

Talk About Statement Earrings!

When I first heard of them I thought: now how are these supposed to work, time-releasing hormones directly into the ears?  Surely they can’t be all that comfortable to wear…but what a statement they make!

 I’m talking about IUD earrings – Intra Uterus Device earrings! And message is: Don’t Get Pregnant! Of course the title of the article in nymag threw me off completely, being called IUD Earrings: Best New Contraceptive for 2015.  Captured my attention for sure I can tell you that. So I was feeling a little cheated when I learnt they were meant to be conversation pieces whereby the wearer may preach about either abstinence or responsible sex. Fair enough, but I still prefer conventional earrings and I can evangelize on a wider range of topics while wearing them.

The thing is visually they look rather painful to wear, because they resemble either fish hooks or anchors to me.  Upon reading the articlethey  were instead supposed to be shaped like the inverted uterus. OK…have to bear that in mind before I impulsively say ‘Ahoy There’ to someone wearing them next time.  Take a look at them below and see if you can blame me! 
 Ahoy Landlubber!

But to be fair, the most 'painful' jewelry I've ever come across are those from Naomi Kizhmer.  She wanted to explore the relationship between mankind's addiction to energy and our natural resources.  Hence, she came up with a range of jewelry that literally hooks into the human body and harnest energy from its motion - one word...OUCH, and it makes quite a statement.  Talk about a pincer movement!
Shiver me timbers...maybe these are the best contraceptives; who in their right minds would hanky-panky wearing these?!

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