Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Must-know Rules for Wearing Christmas Jewelry & Earrings

Christmas is approaching, it is a season to be jolly. It is also a season to be surprised... the season for Christmas parties at work, home and all over town. Many people add Christmas jewelry to their outfits this time of year without knowing the fashion rules. With Christmas themed jewelry, you need to think about your personal style, how it will look with your wardrobe and what kind of occasion you might be wearing it. In most situations, choosing jewelry and accessories is mostly a matter of finding pieces you love and pairing them with the right clothing. However, selecting holiday jewelry can be a little more complicated. Here are some tips around wearing seasonal jewelry and accessories that will help you get into the festive season without compromising style:

1. Know Your Own Style
"Personal style is accepting who you are"- Diane Von Furstenberg. Do you agree with this?  What is style? It is effortless confidence in being yourself, it is a way putting yourself together according to your mood and what you want to project. Personal style appears to come naturally for some, but for others it can take a while to find it! Style is something each of us already has- all we need to do is find it yourself... I personally think seasonal items are very rare items in everyone's jewelry box. Your everyday style generally  reflects your  personality, so if you get to zealous with the holiday pieces, you may feel uncomfortable. You’ll want to keep reasonably close to your usual style of jewelry in order to feel comfortable, confident and happy wearing seasonal items. On the other hand, if you are normally conservative with your choice of jewelry, you may consider keeping your holiday jewelry simple and classic but with simple Christmas-themed earrings or jewelries.  

 2. Think About the Event/ Occasion
The type of event/ occasion will impact the jewelry you choose to wear. If the event is on the formal side, you may want to tone down the holiday jewelry and keep it classy,  elegant  and  simple.  For  informal  or  casual event,  large broaches,  dangling earrings  or  flashy  Christmas-themed  earrings  &  jewelry  may  be  appropriated. However, you also would be wise to not wear too dressy or showy, formal jewelry to a very casual event. So think twice and do matching before you put on those dress, earrings or jewelries...

 3. Make Everything as Simple as Possible, but NOT Simpler
When it comes to holiday jewelry, avoid the temptation to accessorize yourself like a Christmas tree or too eye catching.  One way to prevent this fashion disaster is to remember that less is more, and you’ll be better off aiming for a few classic pieces that enhance and not detract from your outfit.  Always bear in mind, simple is the best!

 4. Capture One's Attention(The Right Impact)
Because  it  is  the  Christmas  holidays,  you’ll  find  Christmas  jewelry  ranging  from gorgeous and classic to extravagant. A simple black cocktail dress with a sparkling red necklace with a pair of pearl earrings would be stunning. Avoid too much color or busyness by the pattern of the outfit or dress.  You may also pick  something that highlights one of the colors in the jewelry, or just choose black or white. The color tone of the jewelry and your outfit have to be matched accordingly. Last but not least; remember, your jewelry should enhance but not compete with one another.

 5. Choose a Color
At Christmas season, it’s easy to see that the usual festive colors like red, gold, green
and silver. Keeping your color scheme uniform is the best way to accessorize with holiday jewelry. Picking a single color will give disparate pieces a sophisticated. Avoid the scenario of red earrings, a green broach and a gold necklace, for instance, as this would overwhelm the outfit from head to toe. Opt for one main theme to keep things fresh, chic and classy. Remember these 5 tips for wearing holiday jewelry and you'll be perfectly festive and fashionable at your next get-together. Use your own best judgment and err on the side of under-accessorizing, and you'll be the hit of the party.


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