Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pearl Earrings As Cute As a Button

It is a very interesting phrase, Cute as a Button. The original expression I believe was “acute or as clever as a button”...... referring to the shine of bright buttons. Some may say it as making reference to a bird or a flower known as a bachelor’s button. No matter the origin, we now use it to refer to something very lively and bouncy.  How about these very 70s-looking button earrings , purple in a cool and psychedelic way!
Vintage purple button earrings

category – an effervescence that’s evergreen.  The young teenage girl within you have that essence of cuteness. This is not some desperate attempt to claw back the years, but simply that the quintessential girl still resides in us despite the years…and sometimes it’s OK to let her out!


The better way might be to build yourself a pearl collection, and accumulate a range rather than just button pearl earrings. In this way we can choose pieces to wear to match a particular occasion or mood. Browse and explore our collection of high luster pearls. They come in a variety of colors from black to pink. Pink shades favor the younger wearer, while darker hues accentuate sophistication.   Obviously, I've got strong attachments to all things pearl...
Pearl button earrings

The photos show button pearl earrings and a selection of other types.   Button pearls are round when seen from the front, but look slightly flattened from the side.   You are welcome to visit my web pages in search of the perfect match for your cute or acute as a button teen, whichever the case may be.
...chic and substantial!

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