Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY- Pearl Power Bracelet

Both trendy and elastic, this pearl bracelet is strung with elastic cor so that it is easy to wear. There is no clasp to deal with since the bracelet can be easily slipped on over your hand. The elastic cor enhances this classic pearl bracelet that can be worn with a business suit or a pair of jeans. A few crystal beads are included in the design to not only accent the pearls but to help hide the knot used to connect the cord. Since pearls are now available in a rainbow of colors, white is no longer the only choice for pearls lovers!

Pearls are very porous so they need a little extra than most beads. When getting dressed, make sure you put on your makeup, hair spray, and perfume before you put on any pearl  jewelry (the same goes for amber, by the way). For a gentle cleaning, wipe your pearl jewelry with a soft cloth or vocationally clean with mild soapy water. Never use jewelry solvents or ammonia-based cleaning solutions on them. Store in a jewelry box lined with felt or in a soft cloth pouch.

- 10" (25cm) 0.5mm elastic jewelry cord
-  twenty 8mm gold-colored pearls
- four 6mm rose-colored crystal beads
-  scissors
-  tape
-  instant glue or jeweler's cement

Step by step

1. Start by adding a piece of tape to one end of elastic cord. This will prevent your beads from sliding off as you string them on.

2. String five beads and once crystal beads on the cord. Repeat this pattern of five pearls and once crystal three more times. It is important that the last bead you string on is a crystal bead.
3. Now slide your beads into the middle of the elastic cord.

4. Using the two ends of the elastic cors, tightly tie a square knot.
5. Then, drop a small amount of instant glue or jeweler's cement onto your square knot, and use scissors to trim off excess cord. Do not worry about getting all the cord trimmed off. You do not want to cut too closely to your knot, and a tiny amount of cord left over will not be seen.

6. Now slide the crystal bead, whcih is next to your knot, over the knot that was glued in the previous step.

7. Allow glue try dry for at least a few hours or overnight, depending on the manufacturer's directions.

Sarah's Tip:

If you find yourself wearing this bracelet often, you may also want to consider restringing it every few months to ensure that the elastic band keeps its integrity.
DIY Video

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