Monday, August 4, 2014

Fashionable Paper Jewelry

When you picture jewelry, you might conjure images of precious metals, faceted gemstones, painterly enamels, and strands of pearls. Is paper the first material that comes to your mind when you think of jewelry? Perhaps not, but it will once you've seen this assortment of singular pieces. Jewelry made from paper is elevated to an art form. Each piece is also chic, wearable fashion accent.    

Paper  jewelry  designed  by  some  of  the  premier  artists  in  the  field,  encourage people to think outside of the box. Create a beautiful talisman pendant from assorted papers embellished with decorative stitching to add design, color, and texture or craft luminous earrings featuring a trio of graceful leaves formed with wire and translucent vellum.     Today's  paper  offer  incredible  variety:  from  plain,  stiff  craft  boards  to  wildly patterned of soft woven cloth. Shop for paper in home improvement stores, party and office  supply  stores,  and  from  online  suppliers.  Recycled  magazines  and  catalog are another  excellent  source  of  paper;  it  turns  scrap  and  waste  papers  into  a  stunning piece of jewelry. 

But  just  look  at  the  imaginative  creations  featured  below,  and  you  will  soon discover the beauty, versatility, and artistic appeal of paper jewelry .   This unique peacock necklace is made from paper beads lovingly handcrafted from craft paper. The necklace pattern is composed of paper beads in lustrous tones of blue, violet and green, with a tinge of copper.  Gorgeous isn't it?

 Creative Paper Jewelry By Spanish Artist Begona Rentero

Recycled Paper Jewelry by Holly Anne Mitchell

Twisted Bracelet (recycled yellow pages) by Francesca Vitali

Gray-Blue Paper  Earrings


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